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Five Common Myths Associated with Domestic Violence Charges

Because many local agencies have a policy encouraging an arrest, regardless of injury or available evidence, domestic violence battery is one of the most common charges in criminal court. Of all misdemeanor charges, DV can have among the most devastating consequences - including MANDATORY jail time for anyone convicted, regardless of prior criminal history. Read on to learn some of the most common myths associated with this serious charge.

Former wrestler and others face violent crime charges

A man who was once a promising high school athlete currently faces criminal charges in Florida after allegedly taking part in an armed home invasion. Police said the incident occurred on a Tuesday. When people face violent crime charges, it is within their right to fight to protect their innocence and otherwise safeguard their interests within the state's criminal justice system.

Florida criminal defense: Teen may qualify for boot camp program

A teen who currently resides in Florida has been charged for his alleged involvement in a fatal shooting that occurred earlier this year. This young man is facing a felony murder charge that could result in significant jail time if he is convicted. The teenager's mom and his criminal defense team claim he was merely a tagalong in the incident and is innocent. They are still working to achieve the best possible outcome for this tragic situation.

Rapper faces assault charges after kicking a fan

A recent incident at a Lakeland, Florida nightclub has led to serious allegations against the rapper Kevin Gates. During a performance at Rumor's, the performer allegedly kicked a teenage fan who was in the audience. He has been charged with simple assault and could also face damage to his career as the matter receives widening media attention.

4 students charged with homicide in Florida

A disturbing case has garnered a great deal of media attention in the state of Florida. A young man was killed in a horrific act, and four young people now stand accused of homicide in the matter. Many across the state are struggling to come to terms with how such a violent act could have taken place and are waiting for answers as details continue to emerge.

Stand your ground defense denied in homicide case

A Florida man charged in the deaths of two of his neighbors received a setback in his defense after a judge denied him immunity. He will now have to move forward in the homicide trial and structure a defense against the allegations that he killed two people in cold blood. The death of those two men followed what appears to be years of tensions within a Titusville neighborhood.

Florida residents reeling after horrific violent crime

A Florida woman is facing murder charges after a series of events that left both her father and daughter dead. Police are still trying to piece together what took place to end those lives and what role the woman might have played in the killings. For now, she has been arrested and charged with the most heinous of violent crime allegations.

Caregiver may be accused of grave criminal acts

Florida residents are likely aware of the ongoing search for a two-year-old boy who was reported missing just days ago. The child was reportedly inside of a parked vehicle when someone stole that car and left the immediate area. The man who was caring for the boy at the time of the incident is now under suspicion concerning his disappearance, and could soon face charges for serious criminal acts.

Florida fishing dispute leads to violent crime charges

A former assistant coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was recently arrested after an altercation with three boys. Police are still investigating the series of events that led the 48-year-old man to allegedly assault at least one boy, and additional charges could follow. The story is an example of how quickly a disagreement between parties can lead to an incident that results in violent crime charges.

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