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The System Has Failed

Throughout life we expect the judicial system to do the right thing. To consider Justice as an undeniable truth. It is no longer. In the words of Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Megadeth, "The system has failed". Whether it's a father of three with no prior criminal history who sells two grams of cocaine to a police informant and is sentenced to 4 years in prison, or a single mom with the disease of addiction who receives 180 days in jail for driving on a suspended license, the system has failed. We as a society, and many of those in the judicial system, have forgotten what common sense and compassion is. In the eyes of the holier than thou prosecutors around the state there is no place for compassion. Common sense was left at the courthouse doorstep decades ago. So now the powers that be believe almost every wrong is righted by incarceration. That a single mother who falls under the grip of addiction and loses her driver's license as a result of a conviction for marijuana possession should pay the price of her bad choice with her freedom. Never mind she has three children who depend on her to provide for their well being. That a married father of three, who feels the heavy weight of an economical recession, makes a bad choice to sell two grams of cocaine to a friend, must pay with four years of incarceration. Nearly half a decade of freedom. Four years away from his children, his wife, and those that depend on him in many ways.

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