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August 2015 Archives

4 students charged with homicide in Florida

A disturbing case has garnered a great deal of media attention in the state of Florida. A young man was killed in a horrific act, and four young people now stand accused of homicide in the matter. Many across the state are struggling to come to terms with how such a violent act could have taken place and are waiting for answers as details continue to emerge.

Stand your ground defense denied in homicide case

A Florida man charged in the deaths of two of his neighbors received a setback in his defense after a judge denied him immunity. He will now have to move forward in the homicide trial and structure a defense against the allegations that he killed two people in cold blood. The death of those two men followed what appears to be years of tensions within a Titusville neighborhood.

Florida residents reeling after horrific violent crime

A Florida woman is facing murder charges after a series of events that left both her father and daughter dead. Police are still trying to piece together what took place to end those lives and what role the woman might have played in the killings. For now, she has been arrested and charged with the most heinous of violent crime allegations.

Youth coach accused of sex offenses

A man working as a youth baseball coach has been accused of molesting one of the players under his supervision. The case has made headlines across Florid and the region and has left many parents and community members outraged. The source of their anger lies in the fact that the man was arrested under similar accusations in the past. Those sex offenses arrests did not lead to convictions, however, which is an important aspect of the matter.

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