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Man accused of a crime weeks after theft occurs

A Florida man was recently arrested after a traffic stop, and he now faces two sets of unrelated criminal charges after police linked him to a crime that took place weeks earlier. The 49-year-old Collier County resident will now have two separate matters to address before the court. He was being held at the Naples Jail Center as of the time of this report. As is the case for anyone accused of a crime in the state of Florida, he will have the right to have an attorney assist him as he prepares both cases.

The man's arrest came after a police officer observed him driving through a construction zone. The officer asserts that he was traveling at a rate of speed 20 mph over the posted limit. When the officer approached the vehicle, he allegedly smelled marijuanaa in the man's car. A subsequent search revealed drug paraphernalia. In that case, he is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and driving without a valid license.

While jailed on those charges, a detective interviewed the man about an incident that took place at a Bealls Department Store two weeks earlier. Store employees claim that a man took several items of clothing into a dressing room and emerged empty-handed. When they confronted the man outside the store and tried to force him back inside, he allegedly fought back, biting one employee and pulling out a knife before leaving the parking lot. When speaking with police about the matter while already in jail, the Collier County man asserted that he was in the store to return some clothing, and that it was the store employee who brandished a knife during the altercation. In that case, he faces five criminal charges.

There is no word on how Florida police linked the man to the department store incident. However, after speaking with the detective about the case, he was accused of a crime in relation to an incident that took place weeks before his arrest on an unrelated matter. As his cases move forward, his attorney will make a thorough review of all of the evidence held by the prosecution, including any video footage from the department store that may back up the man's version of the altercation with the store's employees.

Source: naplesnews.com, "Collier man accused of biting, swinging knife at loss prevention officer after suspected theft", Jessica Lipscomb, June 19, 2015

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