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January 2013 Archives

Palm Coast teen accused of felony 'intentional burning 'for small fires

Late last Thursday and just after midnight on Friday, four small fires were set in residential areas in Flagler County. Police believe they are related, and they also believe they were all set by a 15-year-old from Palm Coast. He has been charged with intentional or reckless burning of lands, which is a third-degree felony, along with loitering and an apparent probation violation for another juvenile offense. Police say that he has admitted to setting the fires.

Mother arrested on 22-year-old theft warrant

Everyone does stupid things when they are young. But people change as the years roll by, and it's easy to forget the minor transgressions that may have been committed in the past. One woman thought she had put her past behind her as she, her husband and her two children embarked on a Disney cruise earlier this month. The authorities had other ideas, however. Police arrested her has she got off the ship at Cape Canaveral. Her crime? Failure to pay an $85 court fee in 1991.

Change on the way for life in prison sentencing of juveniles

Mandatory sentencing guidelines are a set of legal statutes that are applied to certain crimes. These laws require that a specific minimum sentence must be applied when a person is convicted of certain crimes. While mandatory sentences are often applied to drug charges, they can also be found in sentencing for serious adult and juvenile crimes. The state of Florida has particularly strict mandatory sentencing guidelines, and has even gone so far as to automatically sentence juveniles convicted of murder to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Florida man sentenced in horseback drunk driving case

In a headline-grabbing case last September, a Florida man was taken into custody after he evaded police through downtown Bunnell. Initial reports indicated that the man was intoxicated at the time of the incident. The case was unusual, however, in the incident did not involve a motor vehicle-rather, the man rode a horse.

Police allegedly find 110 marijuanaa plants in Palm Coast home

A Palm Coast man called police on Monday because he was being robbed. Instead of assistance, however, he got an arrest -- his own arrest, after police allegedly found more than 100 marijuanaa plants growing in his home.

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