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5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
May 4, 2017

Aaron this is to you more so than anyone else -

This man stayed on the phone with me on one occasion for her When I was being detained in a holding cell and if not for his compassion for a client I very well might not being writing this review- FYI it was close to midnight when he did so with a wife about to give birth to beautiful baby boy-

He just recently had me acquitted on a life sentence and got me misdemeanor - 1yr probation deal on another charge that would have landed me in prison for the rest of my life. Every human on this planet has a talent that they excel in ... Mr Delgados is empathy and truth for others. Him being one of the best attorneys in America you could say is a bonus if you need his services. This man has taken his " home personal time" to go over things and reassure me on others that 95% of other attorneys will not even give you the time of day unless you are stroking them another check. He cares about the people & if you want someone that is going to get in the ring and not only fight for you but fight against the state- the law enforcement & even the judge if he has to .. look no further. He is one of the most competent- intelligent & well respected attorneys that you will going in this state or out of it.

Aaron what you did for me I will never forget .. My family will never forget- if it wasn't for you I would have never seen my kids outside of a cage again.

You were more than attorney you were my friend and I will always be indebted to you.

If anyone questions about his capabilities please look me up my name is

Jason N. M-

As I have said in another statement judge me if you want to ... The state tried until they met Mr Delgado & Mr Damore.