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2017 Brings Important Changes to the "Stand Your Ground" Law

Florida's self-defense law has changed radically once again. Over the last few decades, Florida has expanded self-defense from an affirmative defense at trial to a statutorily based immunity from criminal and civil liability. Recently, Governor Rick Scott signed SB 128 into law which now requires prosecutors, in a pre-trial proceeding, to prove by "clear and convincing evidence" the accused did not act in self defense.

The "Prescription Defense" in the State of Florida

Many clients come to us after they are arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance under Florida Statute § 893.13 - i.e. drug possession. Frequently, our clients are charged with a felony, and, with it, the possibility of up to five years in prison, for possession of a prescription drug for which they actually have a prescription! In the State of Florida, if you are arrested for possession of a prescription drug that you or a family member obtained through the use of a lawful prescription, you may have an affirmative defense that bars prosecution.

Woman arrested after causing fatal vehicle crash

One woman in Florida is currently behind bars after allegedly killing a man in a vehicle accident while driving on a license that had been revoked. The woman was arrested following the accident, which took place on a recent Sunday morning in late February. She is 27 years old.

Seeking legal help re criminal offense in Florida

Florida is a state bustling with tourists, travelers, retirees and many thousands of residents who share roadways and interact in personal and business settings on a daily basis. In a variety of circumstances or incidents that occur between motorists, neighbors, employers/employees or other parties, law enforcement agents sometimes issues charges of a criminal offense against one or more persons involved. Especially for someone who has never before been accused of a crime, such a situation can be very worrisome and stressful.

Odd case includes criminal charges for dental assistant

Florida readers may be aware of an unusual news item involving a Jacksonville dentist and members of his staff. The dentist is accused of multiple misdeeds, including the abuse of children under his care, Medicaid fraud, and acts of malpractice. One member of his staff, a dental assistant, has been arrested under related criminal charges.

Criminal defense for homeschooling parents?

Many Florida parents have made the decision to assume responsibility for the education of their children. Homeschooling has a long history within the state, and most parents who make this choice do so with every intention of providing their child with the best possible learning environment. In one Florida county, multiple homeschooling parents have been ordered to register their child in a public or private school within three days or face criminal charges. If that threat becomes reality, these families may find themselves crafting a criminal defense in the matter.

Police officer charged with misdemeanor criminal charges

A recent encounter between a Florida police officer and a disabled veteran took an unusual turn. When the 20-year police department veteran observed a man walking into a store after parking in a handicapped spot, he confronted the man. Things went downhill from there, and the end result is misdemeanor criminal charges for the police officer as well as administrative leave from his position of the police force.

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