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  • NOVEMBER 2012: A woman admitting guilt to charges of escape, fleeing law enforcement and driving under the influence, contested an attempted felony murder charge. Assisted by Damore, Delgado & Romanik , she was found guilty of a lesser charge in that case.
  • JUNE 2012: Hometown News take an in-depth look into the effect red-light cameras have on the community at large. Attorney Aaron Delgado is featured as a legal resource within the article.
  • MARCH 2012: Aaron Delgado supplies a guest column in the Orlando Sentinel regarding the "slippery slope" that comes with red-light cameras and how ultimately they are eroding our general civil rights.
  • AUGUST 2011: The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog covers the topic of red-light cameras, focusing solely on attorney Aaron Delgado's mission to challenge their use and influence on traffic law enforcement.
  • DECEMBER 2010: Two officers accused of misdemeanor criminal mischief are cleared of wrongdoing after a judge rules that they were not operating with malice or intent.
  • SEPTEMBER 2010: A coach accused of soliciting prostitution stays out of legal trouble and subsequently keeps his job.
  • OCTOBER 2010: Current Dayton Beach Mayor Derrick Henry is cleared of voter fraud — while serving as City Commissioner of Dayton Beach — with legal assistance from Damore, Delgado & Romanik .
  • MAY 2010: A man facing serious charges of drug trafficking and unlawful possession of drugs is acquitted.
  • NOVEMBER 2009: A radio station owner is cleared of sex charges with legal help from the firm.
  • 2002: A comprehensive background and associating timeline is provided in the case of Aileen Wuornos, who was prosecuted by attorney David Damore.